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Dahlonega Matisse

Auburn Chestnut Filly. 5/9/00
Crown Imperial #85169 X RDD Mennett #0103913

Matisse is sensational with a full showy prance. She has a gorgeous, expressive head highlighted with a classy blaze. Her correct shoulder and hip displays the beauty of “Morgan Type”. Matisse is a true athlete and moves quickly with ease. She has great potential performing as a classy driving horse or a quick little endurance horse. Great western working breeding of Linsley, Flyhawk, US Menmar, and Western Government bloodlines, a must for your breeding program. She has been ridden and packed in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and the Hells Canyon Recreation Area.


Dahlonega Zeta





Chestnut filly. 04/30/08. (Shagwood Shininghero # 99269 X Dahlonega Creek #0113780.

Dahlonega Bella



2006 Buckskin Filly. (Shagwood Shininghero #99269 x Dahlonega Belle)  Buckskin Filly.

Bella 2

Dahlonega Cochise


Bay colt. 4/27/2005. A definite Sport Horse. This beautiful bay is a strong powerful moving colt with the nicest trot ever. Great legs with big joints. High percentage Linsley and Flyhawk with strong western government working bloodlines. His future holds any sport you desire, Cochise loves people and attention. Halter trained, easy to handle, gentle and calm. Great western working bloodlines. (Shagwood ShiningHero #99269 X Dahlonega Belyn #095693)



Dahlonega Wisdom

2004 Bay gelding.  He is full of style and has great conformation graced with a long neck, topped off  with a great personality.  He loves people. Wisdom is a carbon copy of his full bother, "Dahlonega Dillon" standing at DM Morgans, Alberta Canada, only thing is Wisdom is a bay.  Great bloodlines of Waer, Tio Lalo,  Devan, Lippet, Fly Hawk, Selman, Western and Government.  He is  ready for any discipline you choose. Picture taken summer of  2006.  (Shagwood ShiningHero X Aranaway Jennifer)   


Dahlonega (Pal)



 Palomino Colt, Born June 22, 2005, he is turning into a chocolate Palomino as be starts to loose his baby hair.   This well built colt moves with strength, grace and style.  He is correct in every way.  He is stronge and beautiful, with great eye expression. A perfect shoulder and neck set and hip. He is loaded with great working bloodlines. (Shagwood Shininghero #99269 X Dahlonega Belle #0114382.)

Blondie 2

Dahlonega Starfield


Smokey Black colt. 4/25/2005. Beautiful, color to match a light and powerful extended trot. Gorgeous head, eye and presence along with type. Starfield is up headed with style, a great shoulder and hip with the floating extended trot every English rider looks for. His future is looking towards being a dressage prospect, he is agile with strong legs and with the floating trot. Halter trained, gentle and calm and loves people. All around wonderful. He is being tested to see if he is a carrier of the dilution/Palomino (color) gene. (Shagwood ShiningHero #99269 X Dahlonega Creek #0113780)

Starfield 3Starfield 2

Dahlonega Chisholm


2005 Buckskin Stallion. This superb weanling is a classic, with color, conformation, style and disposition. Bloodlines of Waer, Tio Lalo, Devan, Lippit, Flyhawk, Sellman, Western and Government. Chisholm is a full brother to Dahlonega Dillon, a proven stallion at DM Morgans, Alberta Canada. See Dillons picture below.Chisholm will be a very dark gold buckskin. Chisholm's dam is 24 years old, the odds to have another duplicate are slim. (Shagwood Shininghero #99269 X Aranaway Jennifer #00082618.)


Full Brother Dillon


Dahlonega Brianna


2005 Chestnut filly.  Excellent conformation, personality plus loves people, if she is laying down she will get up just to meet you.  Bri is of Flyhawk and Brunk, with great western-working bloodlines. She has an extra sweet disposition and temperament. . A real looker.  Perfect conformation, with correct shoulder and hip. (Shagwood ShiningHero #99269 X Dahlonega Rue #072744.)    AMHA#RAF


Dahlonega Cherokee


Dahlonega Cherokee

2003 Palomino Stallion has the personality to die for. Cherokee is big and solid with a beautiful floating trot and powerful smooth canter. Exceptional old bloodlines, high percentage Linsley and Sellman, Tio Lalo, Lippitt, Shawalla, Flyhawk, El Spartez and strong Western government breeding. He will be your friend forever. Mature at 15+ Hands. (Shagwood Shininghero #99269 X Dahlonega Belyn #095693, AMHA #161876.)


Dahlonega Cherokee

Dahlonega Bonita


Dahlonega Bonita

'02 Bay filly. She moves with extreme grace and style, extremely light on her feet. Beautiful eye expression. Great shoulder and neck set and hip, a perfect filly. Bonita has great working bloodlines. Professionally trained for 50 days.
(Shagwood Shininghero #99269 X Dahlonega Belle #0114382 AMHA #RAF)

Dahlonega Apache

Apache 2
Dahlonega Apache

Chestnut mare. 5/3/00. This beautiful mare has a long stride with the flick movement that English and Dressage people are looking for. Apaches has over 50 days of professional training followed with riding clinics and trail rides. Her calm manners are plus to her Morgan type, personality, athletic ability, and suspension-filled movement. She is with high percentage Linsley and Flyhawk with strong western government working bloodlines. Apaches full brother, Dahlonega Spirits, owned by Cindy Cox is being successfully shown in combined driving events in Washington and California. (Crown Imperial #85169 X Dahlonega Belyn #095693.)

As a 3 yr. old.

Dahlonega Picasso


'99 Dark Chestnut gelding. Picasso's potential is to be a great trail or stock horse, he has a sturdy athletic built and lots of go with the single foot gait (running walk). Loaded with personality and good "Morgan Type". Picasso's expressive head is accented with a small white mark between his alert bright eyes. His bloodlines are from: U.S. Menmar, Beckridge, Shawalla, Linsley, Flyhawk and Western Government. He attended a Natural Horseman Clinic and has been saddled and ridden. 14 Hands.
(Crown Imperial #85169 X RDD Mennett #0103913. AMHA #00147966)


Dahlonega Marina
  5 year old mare, owned by Cambrie Knabe, 14 years old of Lapine, Oregon.

Here Marina was shown for her first time at the Deschutes County Fair in Redmond, OR. Cambrie and Marina won 4 First place blue ribbons and 5 second place red ribbons. Marina was purchased the spring of 2002. Cambrie's proud parents are Darryl and Gail.


Casey Wilcox, 10 years old, of Walla Walla Washington, on Dahlonega Carmaletta, 6 years old.



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