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Our History & Other Musings

Dahlonega Morgans has continually been producing exceptional Morgan horses for over 30 years. The goal of our breeding program is to preserve true Morgan type; traditional style and strength, beauty and athletic ability, endurance and versatility, outstanding temperament and good bone and feet.

We concentrate heavily on western working, “old government” bloodlines. Our horses are athletes with sound mind and bodies discipline. From mountain trails or ranch work to performance events including jumping, driving, or dressage, we offer the most versatile equine, the Morgan Horse.

The word Dahlonega (dah-lah-nee-guh) is of Cherokee origin and means “yellow rock” or “place of gold”. This word came to Idaho with Georgia miners who named their placer claim the Dahlonega Belle. This claim was located at the mouth of what came to be known as Dahlonega Creek.

Dahlonega Creek flowed through the front yard of the place we owned in Idaho from 1975 to 1988 where we first began raising Morgan Horses. Since the headwaters of Dahlonega Creek originates at the base of Morgan Mountain, located on the Continental Divide between Idaho and Montana, we felt destined to become Morgan breeders.

We have since relocated to the beautiful Wallowa valley in Northeastern Oregon and continue to breed our exceptional line of Morgan Horses.

We began raising Morgans with the purchase of a weanling filly named "Carmida Harmony Rose", from Jim and Sherie McFarland of Carmen, Idaho. “Harmony” was a surprise present for my (Cindy’s) birthday from my husband, Michael. He knew that when I was 6 years old, after watching “Justin Morgan had a Horse”, I had vowed “someday I’ll have a Morgan Horse”. That someday finally arrived, 20 years later, and now there are over 30 beautiful Morgan horses grazing outside our window.

“Harmony's” sire was “Shawalla Buck”. We traveled to Walla Walla, Washington to see the wonderful "Buck", which led us to the purchase of "Shawalla QueenB".

This mare was the very last horse Clarence Shaw, an old time breeder that at one time had as many as 75 Morgans, parted with. “QueenB” was a solid producer of 12 quality foals.

Over the years we have slowly added bloodlines of “El Spartz”, “Mortana Karlee”, “Tetonia Sensation”, “Desiderata Valeska”, “Cambridge Commodore”, “RDD Menett” and “Aranaway Jennifer”, all of which are very strong in “Brown”, Sellman”, “Hill” and “old Government” breeding.

Our senior stallion, “Crown Imperial”, better known as "Mister", was purchased as a 3 year old. “Mister” added his tremendous presence, hip, and over 30% Flyhawk breeding to create a fabulous cross with our great Western broodmares.

In the fall of 1999, after a number of years searching, we added our second main stallion to Dahlonega Morgans, “Shagwood Shininghero”, an exquisite gold buckskin. "Hero" met our goals of wanting to add color and good western government bloodlines such as "Tio Lalo" to our horses’ tremendous presence and conformation. Hero is a great balanced mover with a perfect shoulder and hip, a gelding-type disposition with stallion looks and production.

Upon retiring Mister and Hero, in 2009 Dahlonega Dillon fortunately became available for purchase. We have been thrilled to have Dillon come back to us to be our senior stallion. Dillon had spent a six year stay in Canada with DM Morgans. Dillon adds Waer’s breeding and strong old government, along with Roland Hill lineage from his dam side, Aranaway Jennifer.

Our goal has always been to keep the old-time style Morgan alive. We breed for type and style, great dispositions, good bone and feet, and the athlete that can be used for any discipline . This is what the Morgan was known and recognized for.

All our horses have at least 10% “Justin Morgan” lineage. This percentage is determined by following every bloodline back to where we can determine their true Morgan percentage. For example, a son of “Justin” is 50%, and when bred to a grade mare the offspring would be 25%, and so on. The Morgan Horse Register Volume 3 lists horses that trace back to Justin Morgan and their percentages. This procedure insures that the horse is still a Morgan. We calculate Crown Imperial at10.866 and Hero at 11.283.

We offer tough working lines with beauty and great disposition, creating the all around versatile family horse. Athletic for any use, Morgans shine as a super horse for trail riding in our steep mountains and canyons, doing ranch work, to jumping and showing. . Consider a Dahlonega Morgan Horse.

We are located in Northeastern Oregon, 45 miles northeast of LaGrande, Oregon., 4 hours west of Boise, Idaho, 2 hours south of Lewiston, Idaho/Clarkston, WA., or 6 hours east of Portland, Oregon.

We encourage you to come by and see our horses. A phone call is recommended to insure we will be home.
Click here for a chart listing our “Justin Morgan” bloodline percentages (please link to “Justin Morgan Percentages”)

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C. Erickson
70937 Sherrod Road
Wallowa, OR 97885