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Our Morgans are very athletic, with a classy style. Some are colored, and all are beautiful, passing on the original Morgan Horse virtues. Conformation and disposition are the focus of our breeding program. Our horses are what Morgans are supposed to be; beautiful, versatile, and dependable. We imprint our foals from birth. Within their first 4 months of life, we are able to safely trim hooves, use electric clippers on bridle paths, worm, lead, tie, and load in the trailer. Foals are weaned at 4 months. We strive for gentleness and trust in the horse, practicing the Natural Horsemanship Technique.
Dahlonega Carmaletta

Dahlonega Carmaletta, #0148255 M Chestnut 14.1.(+.5”) hds 4/30/1999

Cambridge Commodore#26571 x Dahlonega Belyn #095693

Carmaletta left the ranch to be used as a 4-H horse. Later she became available to buy, we bought her to retain her wonderful bloodlines to our broodmare band. She is a Proven Broodmare &Trail Horse.



After Dark Amber Rose

After Dark Amber Rose # 00082618 4/30/01
Broodmare/Proven Trail Horse, 15.1 hds
Fastrak Class Act x Aranaway Jennifer

Amber Rose


Dahlonega Sweetwater Finale

Dahlonega Sweetwater Finale #017684 Chestnut mare. 05/25/07. (Crown Imperial #85169 X Desiderata Valeska #095312).


This mare has presence. Allie is gorgeous with the long classy Morgan neck set. She is a must see. Allie is a top of the line girl with her beauty and personality. She is gentle and calm. A mix of great bloodlines: Pecos, Old Western government, Sparfield, Hedlite's Micky Waer, Flyhawk and Linsley Allie’s full siblings have been used on trails, pleasure, dressage, jumpers and sport horses. Allie has 50 days of training, including riding.



Dahlonega Kamela - Sold

Dahlonega Kamela #0161980 Palomino Mare. 04/15/2003
Shagwood ShiningHero #99269 X Desiderata Valeska #095312

Broodmare/ ProvenTrail Horse

Kamela is trained and ready for your riding pleasure. She stands at 14.3 hands. She has the perfect hip and neck, adding the class of color. She loves people and has a pleasing personality. Her great attitude on the trails, and in the arena, makes her a joy to ride. Kamela has over 60 days of professional training. She has excellent working bloodlines of Pecos, Waer’s, Tio Lalo, Flyhawk and Lippit.



Dahlonega Mikaya - SOLD

Dahlonega Mikaya #0178268 Chestnut mare. 05/10/07. (Shagwood Shininghero # 99269 X Dahlonega Neah Bay #0131795.

Broodmare/ Trailhorse

Big beautiful soft eyes. All around wonderful. This mare has presence. She is loaded with type, personality, and is an athlete.. This mare is a horse of beauty. Great bloodlines, with a mix of Tio Lalo, Sparfield, Hedlite's Micky Waer, and Flyhawk. Mikaya has 50 days of professional training. Mikaya will be your great trail, pleasure, dressage and sport horse.



Dahlonega Zuni - SOLD

Dahlonega Zuni # 0178267 Palomino mare. 05/28/08
Crown Imperial #85169 X Dahlonega O’Sage #0161980

Zuni shines with color and fantastic bloodlines, she is beautiful, solid, with correct conformation and is extremely classy. Bred to be an athlete for any pursuit. Zuni has been started with 45 days of ground work/arena work. Adding Zuni to your breeding program will give you the bonus of rare high percentage Linsley, Tio Lalo and Flyhawk bloodlines.




Dahlonega Curry - SOLD

Dahlonega Curry #RAF Seal Chestnut mare. 05/19/11 .
Dahlonega Dillon #158720 X Denvers Snippet #00149763.

Curry is shedding out to a seal brown chestnut mare with a gorgeous head and expressive eyes. She is very light-footed, with lots of prance and personality. Curry’s dam is a classic Flyhawk working horse out of the Eastern Idaho-Wyoming tradition. Her sire is Dahlonega Dillon, our stunning buckskin of true Western Government Bloodlines. Curry is a granddaughter of Caduceues Denver, Aranaway Jennifer, and ShagwoodShining Hero.





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